Columbia 180 Grip Flat Box Handle (COLM-BH, 3BH, 4BH, 42BH, 5BH, 6BH)

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180 degree braking capability offer you more braking options and better control in awkward situations. Soft squeeze on trigger applies great force at the brake - more power, less work. No more missing a tooth and slipping, like antiquated designs. New Black Anodizing!
The Columbia 180 Grip Flat Box Handle got it's name because of its greater range of motion which allows the head of the flat box handle to pivot a complete180 degrees from center. A capability beyond traditional box handles. In addition, the handle has braking capacity throughout the full range of motion. No more slipping. No more missing a tooth on brake. Reaching awkward flats, say in a closet, or other difficult spots becomes much easier with the 180 degree braking capability.