Warner No Pock Pro 64 FL. OZ. Drywall Mud Additive (WARN-96)

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Tired of air bubbles and shrinkage in drywall mud, or the pocks marks left behind once the compound is dry? These pock marks waste time and money. Leave your joints looking better, and your wallet a little fatter with No Pock Pro - a drywall joint compound additive that helps eliminate air bubbles and pock marks. Just one capful of No Pock Pro to every five gallons of drywall joint compound should do the trick. The mixture of joint compound and No Pock Pro combined will help eliminate pock marks - saving material, reducing shrinkage, and saving precious labor. Features:
  • Each bottle treats sixteen (16) 5-gallon pails of joint compound
  • Reduces pock marks, even on the first coat
  • Saves material by requiring fewer passes that will reduce your compound usage
  • Reduces compound shrinkage by having to add less water to your compound
  • Saves precious time by eliminating so many applications; saving you time and money
  • Professional drywall formula
  • 64 fluid ounces(2 quart) 1.89 liters
  • Sold as each
  • Available 4 Bottles per Case (Order in multiples of 4 for best price break)