USG Sheetrock Tools Professional Drywall Stilts - 24"-40" (USG-340926)

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SKU: USG-340926

These ultra-light MAGNESIUM stilts elevate drywall stilts to a whole new level. Introducing a range of new practical features that improve comfort and ease of use.

Built to the high standards you have come to expect from USG Sheetrock Tools.

Primary Features
  • Made with ultra-lightweight MAGNESIUM - 33% lighter than aluminum stilts
  • Padded wrap-around leg straps for superior comfort, durability, and a secure fit
    • No need for additional comfort products!
  • Quick-release clamp for fast and easy adjustments WITHOUT the need for any tools
  • Dual adjustable height bolts with easy to use 3-sided knob for quick adjustments
  • One-piece extra-wide rubber foot sole for better balance and mobility
    • *Additional set of classic soles included in every box!*
  • 235 lb. max load capacity - highest rated in the industry
Additional Features
  • Fully adjustable 1-1/2" secure buckle and strap
  • Adjustable heel bracket for a custom fit
  • Self-locking arch and heel foot straps
  • Wide footplate for improved comfort and stability
  • Dual spring action for a natural feel while walking
  • Adjustable height strut tubes for a custom fit