TapeTech EasyClean Pump

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The TapeTech EasyClean Pump is designed to fill the automatic taper when using the gooseneck attachment, fill flat boxes, corner boxes, and nail spotters with the box filler attachment. The TapeTech EasyClean Pump is also compatible with most major brands.

Design Features:

  • Gold Anodize Coating
  • Coarse and Fine Screens included for desired Fillibility
  • Gooseneck and Box Filler Attachments (sold separately) are used to fill all tools
  • Fills Automatic Taper when using Gooseneck
  • Fills Flat Box and Nail Spotter when using Box Filler
  • Fills Corner Box when using Box Filler with nozzle removed
  • Required when using Automatic Taping Tools
  • Compatible with most major brands
  • Also fills MudRunner