TapeTech Easy Roll Adjustable Angle Head / Corner Finisher (TAPE-48TT, 48XTT)

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  • Works to achieve a feathered finish on inside 90 degree angles
  • Carbide blades are finely tuned to remove the correct amount of mud everytime
The Corner Finish is used after rolling your corners with a Corner Roller; as well as coating the corners a second and third coat with the use of a Corner Box. Using the Corner Roller first allows you to embed the tape into inside corner joints firmly. The Corner Finisher allows you to remove excess joint compound and feather the egdes in one pass.

The Corner Finisher is used with the Corner Box or MudRunner to apply joint compound and smooth in one pass. Often times a finisher will use a 3" angle head on the first "Glazing" pass and then follow with a 2" corner finisher attached to a Corner Box to finish the angle.

The 3" Corner Finisher is by far the most popular size for Glazing. The 2" Corner Finisher is the most popular size for finishing. The 3" width on the Gazing pass will pick up all the mud left behind by the roller and finishes the angle perfectly in one pass. The 2" width on the finishing pass is intended to fill low spots while applying mud with the corner box, cover the tape, and to create a "step" with the different coats of mud to avoid building up the same edge and creating a ridge that will be more difficult to sand.