Tapepro SuperLite Pro-Reach Extendable Flat Box Handle (TPRO-FHXSL)

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The Tapepro SuperLite Pro-Reach Flat Box Handle with Twister Plate is a durable and ergonomically superior tool, built for the professional contractor. This handle uses a new filament-wound carbon fiber tube and the same lightened head and hollow pivot pin from the SuperLite handles. As with the normal FHX, the head has been anodized for greater wear resistance. This new extendable handle is 0.5 lbs. lighter than the previous one, and all the weight saving is at the head end where you feel it most.

The carbon fiber tube has the added advantage of being more comfortable, especially in winter when aluminum tubes can be very cold. The filament-wound tube is very strong and also provides some grip for your hand.

Design Features:

  • 4 Position Settings
  • Weighs 2.6 lbs.
  • Extends from 39 in. to 63 in.
  • Carbon fiber tube retains body heat
  • Same comfortable tube size and ergonomic grip
  • Same proven all position brake
  • Includes Twister Plate

Delivering Premium Automatic Taping Tools Worldwide

Tapepro proudly offers contractors the finest automatic taping tools on the market for drywall installation. Each tool is designed to deliver a professional finish while greatly reducing work fatigue and increasing productivity to work 3 to 4 times faster than setting by hand. Tapepro incorporates innovative design research and expertise across its collection, providing the contractor with the greatest reliability and durability.