Tapepro Slayer Corner Kit

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The Tapepro Slayer Corner Kit has everything you need to tape and finish 90 degree internal joints.

This Kit Includes:

  • 1200mm Tool Case
  • Compound Applicator Tube
  • Applicator Head
  • Straight Glazer 55mm
  • Straight Glazer 75mm
  • Corner Roller with 960mm Handle
  • Corner Finisher Handle 960mm

 What it does:

  • Draw mud straight from the bucket with the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube
  • Attach the Applicator Head to the Compound Applicator Tube to dispense the correct amount of base compound to 90 degree internal corners before fitting paper joint or corner tape
  • Bed-in tape using the Tapepro Corner Roller
  • Glaze off the first coat of compound using the Corner Finisher Handle and 55mm Straight Glazer then allow the corner to set and dry
  • Using the Applicator Head and Compound Tube apply finishing compound to the corner
  • Finish using the Corner Finisher handle and 75mm Straight Glazer