Tapepro Flat Boxer Kit BK-7

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Protect your flat finishing tools in this ultra-durable, shock and water resistant tool case designed to extend the life of your tools. The Tapepro Flat Boxer Kit BK-7 comes with T2 Flat Boxes, Recess Plate, Replacement Blades, and Bumper Kit.

BK-7 Kit Includes:

  • T-200 – T2 Flat Box 200mm(8")
  • T-250 – T2 Flat Box 250mm(10")
  • ​T-300 – T2 Flat Box 300mm(12")
  • RP-200 – Recess Plate 140mm
  • MK03-200 – Flat Box Blades 3pk 200mm
  • MK03-250 – Flat Box Blades 3pk 250mm
  • MK03-300 – Flat Box Blades 3pk 300mm
  • FBB – Flat Box Bumper Kit
  • TC-450 – Tool Case 450mm

Delivering Premium Automatic Taping Tools Worldwide 

Tapepro proudly offers contractors the finest automatic taping tools on the market for drywall installation. Each tool is designed to deliver a professional finish while greatly reducing work fatigue and increasing productivity to work 3 to 4 times faster than setting by hand. Tapepro incorporates innovative design research and expertise across its collection, providing the contractor with the greatest reliability and durability.