Tajima V-REX II The Ultimate Utility Knife Blade (100-Blade Pack)

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The Tajima V-REX II The Ultimate Utility Knife Blade is optimized for drywall, designed to upgrade the scoring and cutting performance of traditional utility knives.

Design Features:

  • Premium-Grade Japanese Tempered Carbon Steel Blades
  • Extra Thick and Durable for Precision Cuts
  • Retain Cutting Edge Longer
  • Special Fluoro-Coating Blades reduces Friction and Corrosion

V-Rex 100-Blade 20 x 5 Contractor Pack

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    Posted by rex on Jan 17th 2016

    longest lasting blade I have ever used
    professional drop ceiling contractor who has installed over 100,000 sq ft this year . we get 3 to 4 more tile cuts out of each blade side than others .
    standard blades 2 to 3 sand drift tiles per blade
    dewalt carbide 3 to 5 sand drift tiles per blade
    v-rex up to 7 sand drift tiles per side

    if you know tile you will understand how sharp these are
    hope the quality never goes out

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    sharpest blades cutt the straightest

    Posted by Jeff on Dec 31st 2010

    the v rex blade is by far the sharpest utility blade I have ever used.The blade makes very straight and clean cuts. which makes cutting drywall safer and faster.If you cut drywall everyday you will appreciate this blade because it makes cutting drywall easy on you and that what I want in a tool something that makes work a little easier and faster.