Marshalltown SharpShooter 2.1 Hopper Gun (MARS-SS21)

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The Marshalltown Sharpshooter 2.1 Hopper Gun is your go-to tool for precision texture spraying. Engineered with advanced features, this hopper gun ensures effortless control and consistent results for all your professional drywall projects.

The adjustable knob gives you the flexibility to achieve a full trigger pull at any spray setting, allowing for precise control over your texture application. The convenient tick marks on both sides of the gun indicate the knob setting, ensuring accuracy and repeatability with every use.

Equipped with seven orifice sizes featuring a tubular design, this hopper gun reduces overspray while offering a wide range of texture options to suit your drywall finishing needs. The soft grip handle and trigger provide comfort and control during extended use, while the trigger lock helps reduce fatigue for uninterrupted spraying. The angled hopper adapter ensures that the hopper remains level while spraying floors and ceilings, enhancing efficiency and reducing mess. The Marshalltown Sharpshooter 2.1 Hopper Gun is the perfect choice for achieving professional-quality texture finishes with ease.