Level 5 Flat Box Set

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SKU: LEV5-4604

When it comes to the drywall finishing process, every minute on the job matters. The LEVEL5 Flat Box Set is a collection tailored for the professional drywall finisher, providing everything you need to increase efficiency and profitability. Designed for long-term peak performance and easy maintenance, this set is a wonderful investment whether you’re looking to switch to automatic taping & finishing tools or expanding your arsenal.

The LEVEL5 Flat Box Set includes:

  • 10 in. Standard Flat Box
  • 12 in. Standard Flat Box
  • 42 in. Fixed Length Flat Box Handle
  • Compound Pump with Box Filler Valve

Each part is made from lightweight anodized aluminum with a corrosion-resistant red finish for durable, long-lasting performance. Easy to clean and capable of withstanding daily use, this set delivers on peak performance at any job site.

New to Automatic Taping & Finishing Tools? Here’s What Makes LEVEL5 a Great Choice:

As a professional finisher, being able to depend on the quality and performance of your tools is vital. LEVEL5 automatic taping and finishing tools are some of the most competitively priced drywall tools on the market without compromising on quality or performance. Through a process of continuous innovation and lab testing, LEVEL5 tools are quickly setting the standard for function and durability.

Simplicity – these tools are streamlined for peak performance and ease of use

Quality – fabricated from high-quality anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and brass

Reliability – these tools are lab-tested for long-lasting, durable usage

***LEVEL5 Sets are easy to repair with our maintenance kits