Laco TG950 Hand Pump Texture Patch Gun (LACO-TG950)

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• Fully adjustable spray tips to match original Orange Peel, Knockdown and Acoustic textures. • Completely disassembles for easy cleaning (Save an hour a day on clean-up compared to other air texture guns)
•Easy to apply
•64 ounce Jar
•Fully adjustable spray tip to match original orange peel to heavy knockdown textures
•Big savings compared to spray cans
•Completely disassembles for easy cleaning (Save time on clean-up compared to other texture guns)
•No compressor or air hoses to drag around
•Replace part instead of entire gun when a part is damaged
•CNC machined solid brass and 6061 billet aircraft aluminum parts
•Delrin end cap for smooth and long wear
•Stainless steel rod
•No soldered parts
•Made in the USA
•Patent Pending