Johnson Level RockRipper Drywall Scoring T-Square

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The Johnson Level RockRipper Drywall Scoring T-Square is a unique drywall T-square that has perforated holes in the rule portion of the square that allow you to insert a utility blade at your desired rip length. Simply set the T-square on the board like normal, insert your utility blade through the perforated hole in the T-square, and rip allow your desired length. Helps to score drywall easier and more accurately. 

Design Features:

  • Perforated (1/16" offset) 24" blade accepts utility knife point for fast, efficient drywall scoring
  • Molded high impact head with hand grip and board guide
  • Screened, thermal-bonded black 1/8" or mm (metric) graduations
  • Large, bold graduations are easy reading
  • Extruded aluminum blade assures durability