Hyde Corner Ease Roller and Tray

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SKU: HYDE-45820

The Hyde Corner Ease Roller and Tray has a multitude of applications. Apply paint or drywall to room corners quickly and easily or tackle awkward jobs like painting gutters, soffits, eaves, or corrugated roofing. Every job will be accomplished faster with much better results than a brush can deliver, because the Corner Ease lambswool cover creates a tight, professional stipple with no edge marks, drips, gaps, holidays, or sloppy "fat" edges.

The Corner Ease Roller has a V-shaped hub that directs paint into corners or tight grooves. This provides an innovative way to paint lap siding, T1-11, crown molding, cinderblock, and other textured or irregular surfaces not easily painted with a standard roller.

Designed for professional use, Corner Ease can be used with water-based, oil or enamel paints; stains; drywall compound; and even cleaning fluids. The Corner Ease roller cover is 100% lambswool and is replaceable. The Acme threaded handle will fit onto any standard extension pole.