Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI Texture Sprayer (GRAC-17H575)

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SKU: GRAC-17H575

The RTX Pro Interior Series delivers an optimized texture system perfect for tradesmen and contractors seeking the time-saving features required for medium-to-large jobs. This professional solution is designed for increased productivity to get you on and off the job site faster.

  • RotoFlex Pump

  • High-Output Air Compressor

  • FlexChange Pump Section

  • SmartStart™ System

    • Innovative system automatically starts pump and compressor when gun trigger is pulled, and shuts them off when released
    • Provides a soft-start to eliminate material blast that can impact finish quality
    • Reduces noise and vibration
    • Extends pump and compressor life
  • Twin-Cylinder Air Compressor

    • High-output design delivers more air for demanding finishes
    • Maintenance-free design
    • Runs at lower RPM for longer life
  • WideTex Tips & Adapter

    • Allows spraying in a uniform fan pattern
    • Spray repeatable patterns with less material and pressure adjustment
    • Increases productivity by more than 20%
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Trigger Gun with Integrated Prime Selector

    • Durable aluminum design
    • Oversized fluid/air passages
    • Allows unit to be put in prime mode right at the gun!
  • 1 in Skip-Bond Material/Air Hose

    • Both hoses permanently bonded for easy handling
    • Offers more Flexibility than ever before!