AST Kodiak M2 Texture Sprayer Package for USG Ensemble (AMER-USGKODIAK2)

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Kodiak M2 Package Includes:
  1. Kodiak Texture Sprayer
    • Excellent Vertical Draw
    • Consistent pattern of a 1L3 rotor/stator pumping system
    • No Belts or Clutches, only 3 moving parts
    • Includes 35' of ¾" material hose set
    • Variable speed control, 0-3 GPM depending upon the thickness
    • 16-gallon hopper
    • Capable of 300 pounds of pumping pressure
    • Use your own compressor and get exactly the air you need
    • Pumping system weighs 138# and the hose set averages 30#
    • Easy clean-up and pump disassembly   
  2. Kodiak USG Ensemble Binks Hand Gun           
    • Binks hand gun includes 44SS / Cone / 2 each - one dot tips
  3. 35" 1/2" whip hose
    • Inculdes male to male camlock adapter
  4. Thickness Gauge


Ships direct for the Manufacture with a lead time of 5 days to ship.