Columbia Fat Boy Flat Box

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The Columbia Fat Boy Flat Box is a high-capacity finishing box that’s perfect for the drywall finisher who wants a larger, stronger box for loading joints faster with less trips to the pump. The Fat Boy Flat Box holds approximately 40% more mud than the Standard Flat Box. This increases your workspace while delivering smooth, professional finishes to your flat joints.

Available in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch sizes, these flat boxes are made from solid billet aluminum and stainless-steel which makes them lightweight and capable of withstanding daily, professional use. These flat boxes are design to measure the precise amount of compound to flat joints.

Design Features:

  • Available in sizes 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch
  • Bead wheel protects axle from wear while running box on bead
  • Made from US billet aluminum and steel components
  • Manufactured in Columbia’s state-of-the-art facility in Canada

Why choose Columbia Taping Tools?

From inception to final construction, Columbia Taping Tools is a dynamic manufacturer most notable for their in-house fabrication. Based predominantly in North America, Columbia Taping Tools sources solid billet aluminum and stainless-steel components for their entire collection. Their machining process yields tools that are lightweight and capable of withstanding long-term professional use. But it doesn’t stop there! Each design features interchangeable parts for easy repairs or upgrades, further extending the life of your favorite tools.

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  • 5
    Great Purchase

    Posted by Christensen Drywall on Jan 31st 2013

    Glad I bought this Flat Box. Less trips to the Pump and covers more feet of Board.

  • 5
    Worth the extra between regular box and Fatboy

    Posted by evorocket on Oct 21st 2012

    First, I need to establish this, these boxes are built to last. I have used the regular box model for over 20 years, until lately, I decided to upgrade to the Fatboy, for the 8" model. I use it for the first pass, for filling the joint. Being the filling coat, I used to have to do a lot more trips to the pump. The Fatboy model is worth the extra for the filling coat, wether you use the 8" or the 10" to do this. For the finishing coat, I use the 12" regular box, since it is a very thin coat. It is therefore lighter, and still requires very few trips to the pump.

  • 5
    What a great tool

    Posted by Kenneth on Oct 16th 2012

    This is the best Fatboy I ever used worth every penny

  • 5
    Fatboy mud box

    Posted by Kenny newyork on Oct 7th 2012

    Excellent mud box... The finish is very nice

  • 5
    best box on the market

    Posted by Shane on Apr 26th 2011

    been running drywall master which i like also but love the fat boy boxes less trips to the pump saves alot of walking and thats always good

  • 5
    Best box I've ever run

    Posted by JM Drywall on May 23rd 2010

    Can't say anything bad about this fat box. The 10" is perfect for first coats. Saves me running to the pump. Thanks for the tee shirt Wall Tools!