Columbia Finishing Set

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The Columbia Finishing Set is built for the professional drywaller to stay profitable and competitive while greatly reducing physical strain. No gimmicks, no bull, just tools you can count on to perform day-in and day-out. This set is sure to streamline your finishing process while delivering on the highest-quality results again and again. There’s a reason why the largest wall and ceiling contractors use Columbia Finishing Tools.

Build Your Own Set

We recommend choosing your options and upgrades according to the way you work. For example, some finishers prefer to start with the 10” Flat Box and then finish coat with a 12” Flat Box. Others start with a high capacity 8” Fat Boy Flat Box and finish with a 12” Flat Box. Choose all the options according to your personal preference.

Pro Tip: When purchasing a Columbia Tool Set, we recommend investing in a few Columbia Maintenance Kits as well. Having these on hand allows you to make quick, routine adjustments to your favorite tools without experiencing any downtime while waiting for parts to arrive.

Why choose Columbia Finishing Tools?

From inception to final construction, Columbia Finishing Tools is a dynamic manufacturer most notable for their in-house fabrication. Based predominantly in North America, Columbia Finishing Tools sources solid billet aluminum and stainless-steel components for their entire collection. Their machining process yields tools that are lightweight and capable of withstanding long-term professional use. But it doesn’t stop there! Each design features interchangeable parts for easy repairs or upgrades, further extending the life of your favorite tools.