Columbia 4 ft. Columbia One Handle

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The Columbia 4 ft. One Handle is perfectly designed to work with Columbia products universally. From the Nail Spotters and Angle Heads to the Corner Rollers and Corner Boxes, this One System Handle allows you to lighten your load while utilizing all your favorite finishing tools. Made from solid billet aluminum with a black corrosion-resistant finish, this handle is designed to be stable, durable, and comfortable.

*Except for the Flat Boxes, this handle is all you’ll need to transition smoothly throughout the finishing process.

Design Features:

  • Comfort grips
  • Comes as 4 ft. fixed length
  • Available in 3 – 5 ft. extendible version
  • Angle Head Adaptor needed to use with Angle Heads
  • Made from solid US billet aluminum and steel components
  • Anodized black finish for corrosion-resistance
  • Manufactured in Columbia’s state-of-the-art facility in Canada

Why choose Columbia Taping Tools?

From inception to final construction, Columbia Taping Tools is a dynamic manufacturer most notable for their in-house fabrication. Based predominantly in North America, Columbia Taping Tools sources solid billet aluminum and stainless-steel components for their entire collection. Their machining process yields tools that are lightweight and capable of withstanding long-term professional use. But it doesn’t stop there! Each design features interchangeable parts for easy repairs or upgrades, further extending the life of your favorite tools.


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