Columbia Sawed-Off Automatic Taper

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The Columbia Sawed-Off Automatic Taper is a precision-built tool that has been perfected over 38 years. It’s iconic black corrosion-resistant finish paired with its seamless mudding and taping capabilities make this a complete game-changer in the drywall business. From less drag in the corners to easy cap removal for routine cleaning - this tool has you covered!

The NEW Patent Pending Pump Action Sleeve gives you the smoothest tape cut on the market and the pull ring is great for higher ceilings. Every taper comes standard with an adjustable brake and quick release for tape changing. If you are looking for a tool of exceptional quality and performance, the Columbia Automatic Taper is built to withstand daily profession use with outstanding results. At 39″, this taper is perfect for tight spaces such as stairwells, closets, scaffold and low ceilings. If you are serious about taping and care how a taper feels and performs this is the one for you.

Design Features:

  • 39" compared to a regular taper at 53″
  • Now with NEW Pump Action Sleeve – Smoothest cutting sleeve on the market
  • Adjustable Brake
  • Quick Release for Tape Changing
  • Zero Drag system for corners
  • Anodized, Corrosive-Resistant Black Finish
  • Stainless-steel side plates, creaser arms, and cable drum
  • Made from solid US billet aluminum and stainless-steel components
  • Machined in Columbia’s state-of-the-art facility in Canada

Pro Tip: When purchasing an automatic taper, we recommend investing in a Columbia Taper Maintenance Kit to have on hand should a common wear part need replacing after cleaning. In doing this, you won't experience any unnecessary downtime while waiting for parts to arrive.

Why choose Columbia Taping Tools?

From inception to final construction, Columbia Taping Tools is a dynamic manufacturer most notable for their in-house fabrication. Based predominantly in North America, Columbia Taping Tools sources solid billet aluminum and stainless-steel components for their entire collection. Their machining process yields tools that are lightweight and capable of withstanding long-term professional use. But it doesn’t stop there! Each design features interchangeable parts for easy repairs or upgrades, further extending the life of your favorite tools.

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