Apla-Tech Apla-Taper II Kit w/ Mesh Master Banjo (APLA-AT-II)

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This applicator allows the user to apply fiberglass mesh tape to all corner and flat seams. Flat and Angle head adapters interchange in seconds.
  • Labor is dramatically reduced
  • Weighs about 4.5 lbs. with a roll of 300’ tape
  • Tape as fast as you can walk – apply up to 9 – 300’ rolls per hour
  • Easy to use – no mess
  • Start coating as soon as taping is complete
  • Comes in hard carry case
2”, 2 ½” and 3” spool assembly included it fit any core size mesh tape. Apla-Roller included to set tape in angles.
For those of you who use mesh tape and quick-set joint compound on your bed coats, this is the system for you. Wall Tools would like to introduce you to the Apla-Taper II Kit - the only commercial grade Mesh Taping system that we know can handle those tricky inside 90 corners with ease. The hero in this kit is the Mesh Master Drywall Banjo - a truly commercial grade drywall banjo that is specifically designed to apply drywall tape on both flats and inside 90 degree angles. The reason this Mesh Taper is superior to other designs is because of the way it actually sets the mesh tape into the inside angles. The Mesh Master has been designed to set the tape nice and tight into the corners to avoid the "rounding" that you get with other installation methods.

The system also includes a Flat Applicator head to run your flats and butt joints quickly and easily. Cutting is super fast and easy too. Just give the cutting mechanism a quick whack with your hand and your set. Changing out the heads from flat to inside angles happens with just a push of a button.

Another nice feature of the system is that it utilizes foam rollers in conjunction with hard rollers. This helps to apply a nice firm pressure to the mesh tape for proper adhesion.