Advance Semi-Automatic Even Flow Banjo

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SKU: ADVA-4620

The Advance Semi-Automatic Even Flow Banjo features a curved belly design which eliminates skipping and/or dry spots on tape while utilizing all mud in a single run. The tension-controlled speed wheel with locking nut adjusts flow without backspin, and the thumb screw adjusts mud thickness effortlessly. This banjo holds up to 500 ft. of paper tape and carries 0.5 gallons of joint compound.

Design Features:

  • 0.5 gallons load capability
  • Holds up to 500 ft. of Paper Tape
  • Eliminates Skipping/Dry Spots on Tape
  • No Wasted Mud, Run till the End
  • Ideal for use with FibaFuse or Paper Tape
  • Embeds Paper Tape into Corner Without Splitting
  • Treads on roller pull and guide tape without tearing
  • No tools or attachments needed, a quick flip runs flats and corners
  • Tension-controlled Speed Wheel with locking wing nut to adjust flow without backspin
  • Thumb Screw adjusts mud thickness

 Family-Owned Manufacturer. Exceptional Quality Tools. Made in USA.

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