Advance Cornerbead Hopper Applicator Combo

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The NEW Advance Cornerbead Applicator Combo is the latest innovation in cornerbead installation. This combo features the popular Cornerbead Applicator with the new Bucket Nest which allows you to prep cornerbead trim with greater control and flexibility.

Cornerbead Applicator:

  • coats corner bead with precise amount of joint compound
  • works with all mud types on paper-faced corner beads
  • ideal for 90-degree inside and outside corners

 Bucket Nest:

  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Hooks onto 5-gallon bucket or belt

***the Bucket Nest is only available in this combo. 

Pro Tip: Premix joint compound to pudding consistency and ONLY use paper-faced corner beads. Make sure to keep the guide notch clean from dried mud. 

This combo greatly speeds up the cornerbead installation process while reducing unnecessary bodily strain.

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