TapeTech Easyclean Nail Spotters and Handles (TAPE-NS02TT, NS03TT, FHTT, XHTT)

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  • Used to fill screw or nail dimples in one vertical pass from floor-to-ceiling
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Uses skid to catch "screw/nail pops" before they damage the blade
  • Standard 4' fiberglass handle sold separately
This tool was designed to increase the production of finishing nail and screw depressions. By utilizing a Nail Spotter (which is essentially a smaller, lighter weight version of the flat box) you can cover nail and screw head depressions with the perfect amount of joint compound is one pass. Start from your highest point on the wall and wipe down to cover an entire row of screws instead of wiping each one separately with a joint knife. Extendable handles are also available for the Nail Spotter to aid in finishing high spots from the floor without the use of scaffolding, benches, or stilts.