TapeTech EasyClean Bazooka (TAPE-07TT)

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  • New! Longer Control Tube makes it easier to cut tape when working in rooms with higher ceilings
  • New! Integrated flanges provide positive, ergonomic grip when cutting or advancing tape
  • New! Tube Protector provides comfortable hand grip for better steering and control
  • New! "Twist-off" Tube Protector at bottom of Taper for easy cable and plunger access
  • New! Enclosed Rollers provide smoother operation and protect hands

Operation and Maintenance Guide

Guia de Uso y Mantenimiento.


Applies joint tape and correct amount of joint compound to drywall flats and angles. Holds 500' roll of paper face joint tape. Also works with Structus No-Coat ZoomaFlex Corner Tape, and StraitFlex Ammo Flex Corner Tape.

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