Tapepro T2 Flat Boxes

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The Tapepro T2 Flat Boxes provide a second-tier alternative to the popular Blue 2 range and features a different construction, blade holder sealing and setting adjustment. The T2 box plates are assembled with fasteners and tie rods and the brass blade holder features an integral rubber seal. The blade pressure/coat thickness is controlled by a cam and flat spring with two actuating pins. The profile and size of the boxes is the same as the Blue 2 series and they share many components.

Design Features:

  • Available in Sizes 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”
  • Large Capacity Boxes for Increased Productivity
  • Simple cam wheel for adjusting blade tension allows easy accurate setting for the perfect crown
  • CNC machined brass blade holder provides controllable flexing of the hardened steel blade to provide an accurate coat form and thickness.
  • Anodized aluminum plates – can be replaced individually if damaged
  • Pressure plate lid opens wide allowing easy access for cleaning
  • Pressure plate mounted on axle with bearings for smoother operation
  • Wheels run inside blade width – this means the last thing on the wall is the blade, and very handy for butt joints.
  • Can be fitted with FBBG bead guides for corner or shadow beads
  • Can be fitted with RP-200 Recess Plate for faster work flow filling the board recess after taping
  • Repair part kits available to replace common wear parts

Delivering Premium Automatic Taping Tools Worldwide 

Tapepro proudly offers contractors the finest automatic taping tools on the market for drywall installation. Each tool is designed to deliver a professional finish while greatly reducing work fatigue and increasing productivity to work 3 to 4 times faster than setting by hand. Tapepro incorporates innovative design research and expertise across its collection, providing the contractor with the greatest reliability and durability.