Tapepro Self Adjusting Bead Roller

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The Self Adjusting Bead Roller is perfect for use on all corner beads, particularly for off angles. With a wide range of motion this roller can be used on angles from inside 90-degree to outside 90-degree and automatically adjusts to the angle required. The handle pivot is close to the body which reduces any tendency to tip and the arms are positioned so as to provide even pressure to the rollers to ensure continual contact with the bead/surface.

 TPRO-SABR can be fitted to a standard CRA015 1200mm corner roller handle , or the Pro-Reach extendable handle allowing easy reach to work on vaulted or raked ceilings.

 TPRO-SABRH is fitted with the standard CRA015 1200mm handle.

 TPRO-SABRH is fitted with the Pro-Reach (38"-63") extendable allowing easy reach to work on vaulted or raked ceilings.

  • Self adjusting roller for all angle corner beads – inside 90 to outside 90
  • Automatically adjusts to the angle required – no manual setting needed
  • Very stable operation – no tendency to tip, perfect for use on extendable handles
  • Large rollers spin slower meaning less compound flick
  • Unique flexible bands provide spring action and increased control
  • Made from CNC machined billet aluminium with acetal rollers for performance and durability
  • Works well with all mud-on beads: Trim-tex, No-Coat, Strait-flex, paper faced metal

The offset axis allows accurate internals with larger diameter rollers.
Patent Pending

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