Tapepro Nail Spotter Promo

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Nail Spotters

The best Nail Spotters on the market! The industry leading Tapepro Nail Spotters are designed to fill nail and screw indentations, allowing quick application over multiple nail lines. Tapepro Drywall Tools Nail Spotters are built for speed and comfort, advanced design features include wheels located inside the blade width so you can steer exactly where you want with ease.
These Nail Spotters feature the Tapepro distinctive peened method of construction for superior rigidity. The pressure plate is mounted on an axle which runs on nylon bearings, providing the smoothest and most accurate operation.

  • Superior peened construction
  • Axle mounted pressure plate for the smoothest operation
  • Adjustable interlock handle position
  • Larger 1-1/8″ tube for reduced fatigue and ultimate comfort
  • Wheels on a fixed axle for smooth gliding
  • Kick plate for quick positioning on walls
  • Easy opening door for quick cleaning

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