Festool Planex Drywall Sander LHS 225 (FEST-575219)

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The Sander for Drywall: Festool PLANEX.

Drywall sanding used to be a messy, labor intensive task but not any longer with the new Festool PLANEX drywall sander. The PLANEX will revolutionize the way you sand drywall and plaster with its modular design, exceptional dust collection, robust build quality, great ergonomics and quick return on investment.

Stop sanding drywall by hand or with some other poorly designed solution and upgrade to the Festool drywall sanding solution today!

Leave your competition in the dust!

Realize a quick return on investment in time and materials savings. The Festool PLANEX Drywall Sander is a virtually dust-free drywall sanding solution when coupled with Festool's CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor. Its longer lasting, less expensive sanding abrasives reduce operating costs and total cost of ownership. A modular design allows the unit to be collapsed in size for spaces ranging from hallways to full rooms to high ceilings. Likewise, the PLANEX can be extended for high walls and ceilings. Made in Germany quality with a robust design guarantees years of reliable service backed by a three year warranty. Variable suction allows the PLANEX to virtually support its own weight reducing fatigue.

Drywall sanding. No stilts required.

Being on stilts can be hazardous with cables and hoses littering the floor. We realize that when you're sanding drywall, there are all sorts of spaces that you will need to work in. That's why the PLANEX drywall sander has a modular design comprised of sections that quickly and easily assemble or disassemble to the perfect length for the task at hand.

Whether you're in a tight space, such as a hallway, or working on a high ceiling, the PLANEX drywall sander can be configured to the proper length in seconds. Use the support harness for overhead work, like ceilings, to support the PLANEX without fatigue.* * Second extension section and support harness are sold separately.

Light as a feather.

You might think that a machine like the PLANEX would be tiring to handle for hours, but that's not the case. The suction from the optional CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor can be regulated with a dial that's right at your fingertips. By regulating the suction, the PLANEX will support its own weight which reduces fatigue. Designed for durability, the PLANEX is very strong and rigid but also very light weight. Add the optional support harness for overhead work for additional comfort.

Articulating head for great maneuverability.

The flexible, pivoting head on the PLANEX let's you sand floor to ceiling and open wall to corner with ease. Quickly switch from extracting dust from the outside of the pad to the inside of the pad, providing optimal dust collection depending on the application. A robust gear drive system offers efficient transfer of power to the sander pad and will last much longer than a cable drive system. The sander pad is spring-loaded, ensuring good contact with the surface without making sanding swirls. The brush surrounding the pad aids with capturing dust and cleaning residual dust from the surface like a sweep. A section of the brush can be removed allowing you to get right up against adjacent surfaces.

Economical, long-lasting abrasives.

The true cost of a tool is based on how much it costs to operate over time. The abrasives for the PLANEX help reduce that lifetime expense at a fraction of the cost of competing drywall sanders. Additionally, the exceptional dust extraction capabilities prevent clogging resulting in longer abrasive life. Festool offers two types of abrasives for the PLANEX Drywall Sander: Brilliant for general purpose use and Saphir for heavy duty use on stubborn surfaces.

Pack and go.

The PLANEX Drywall Sander comes in a Festool Systainer carrying case. The sander can be broken down into its sections in seconds and packed in the Sytainer for transport to and from the jobsite. This protects your investment from damage and provides a compact system for storage. If you're like most pros, space in your vehicle is a premium.

Stay organized with everything you need in one place inside the Systainer. No more showing up to the job only to find out you forgot something back at your shop. Festool offers a complete range of Systainer and Sortainer storages solutions.

A drywall sander for your toughest demands.

When purchasing a drywall sander, also consider the warranty. The PLANEX drywall sander has a three year warranty and is built in Germany with components of the highest quality. During the first year of warranty, Festool even pays for all ground shipping expenses for warranty repairs. We realize that you rely on your equipment to make a living and build power tools that you can rely on.

No detail overlooked.

You'll swear we thought of everything. We know you'll be dragging the dust extraction around the jobsite behind your PLANEX. That's why the hose has a locking mechanism to make sure it stays fully connected. It wouldn't be good to think you were capturing all that dust just to find the hose fell off. The handle has non-slip, rubber surfaces because drywall dust would make plastic or metal slippery to handle. Keep a firm grip on the machine while you operate it. Large dials and switches are right at your fingertips and are sealed to prevent drywall dust from infiltrating them and causing damage.

Planex Drywall Sander
Product No. 571 579
Power Consumption 500 Watts
Speed 310 - 920 RPM
Sanding Motion Gear-driven
Sanding Pad 8-1/2" (215 mm)
Dust Port 1-1/2" (36 mm)
No Extensions Installed
Length 43-1/2" (1.1 m)
Weight 8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg)
One Extension Installed
Length 63-1/2" (1.6 m)
Weight 10.1 lbs. (4.6 kg)
Two Extensions Installed
Length 83-1/2" (2.1 m)
Weight 11.9 lbs. (5.4 kg)

The CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor (sold separately).

The CT AutoClean is the magic behind your PLANEX that makes it virtually dust-free. Insane amounts of suction suck up nearly every speck of dust leaving your client with a big smile on their face when you're done at the end of the day. The CT AutoClean has an integrated filter cleaning mechanism that periodically knocks the dust free of the filter. This guarantees maximum air flow and prevents the filter from becoming caked with dust. The filter cleaning frequency is controlled by a dial and can be completely disabled. The CT AutoClean can be used as a regular dust extractor when run without the AutoClean enabled.

The CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor includes an ultra-lightweight, flexible hose for use with the PLANEX Drywall Sander and other tools that accept a 36mm (1-1/2") hose.

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    no other like this

    Posted by on Sep 8th 2013

    the best Festool Planex Drywall Sander LHS 225 (FES-571579

  • 5
    A World of difference!

    Posted by Richard on May 14th 2013

    I Hate sanding drywall and this tool has made a world of difference. It reduces the effort and time required to do a job by at least a half, maybe even more. It is exceptionally easy to control and leaves a beautiful smooth finish.