Delko Plastic Taping Tool & Internal Applicator Package (DELK-AH1)

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The Delko Plastic Taping Tool and Internal Corner Attachment Package enables contractors to finish flat joints, internal corners and square set with one taping tool. The package includes the Delko Plastic Taping Tool and the Delko Internal Applicator Attachment. 

  • NO MORE pre cutting of papertape.
  • NO MORE folding of papertape.
  • NO MORE applying mix to internals.
  • NO MORE embedding of the papertape.

Simply remove the flat roller assembly from the banjo and attach the internal attachment for the perfect internal angle finish. Just as for the flat joint, the attachment applies pre-coated paper tape, rolls and embeds the tape, all in one quick action. The advantage of the new attachment is that it finishes the internals and square setting at a perfect 90 degree angle - NO BUBBLES - FLAWLESS.