Columbia Flat Box Combo Boxed Set (COLM-BOXSET1)

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The Columbia Flat Box Combo Boxed Set includes the required automatic finishing tools for finishing flat joints on walls and ceilings quickly and with professional results.

Set Includes:

  • 10" and 12" Flat Boxes
  • 42" Flat Box Handle
  • Mud Pump and Box Filler
  • 14" Tomahawk Smoothing Blade 


  • Flat Boxes replace the tedious and time-consuming process of using a drywall trowel or joint knife to apply joint compound to flat joints.
  • Fastest way to dispenses the correct amount of joint compound over all flat and butt joints
  • Applies compound and feathers it to a fine finish in one sweeping motion
  • Provides a clean and consistent professional look and finish
  • Save hours of labor allowing professionals to be more competitive and increase profits


Simply attach the Flat Box Handle to the Flat Box and fill the Flat Box with compound using the including Mud Pump and Box Filler.

Why choose Columbia Finishing Tools?

From inception to final construction, Columbia Finishing Tools is a dynamic manufacturer most notable for their in-house fabrication. Based predominantly in North America, Columbia Finishing Tools sources solid billet aluminum and stainless-steel components for their entire collection. Their machining process yields tools that are lightweight and capable of withstanding long-term professional use. But it doesn’t stop there! Each design features interchangeable parts for easy repairs or upgrades, further extending the life of your favorite tools.

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    Good Tools

    Posted by john on Feb 25th 2014

    Both the 8" and 10" boxes work perfectly. The aluminum handle has a larger diameter than other handles that I've used and it feels much better in my hands. I would recommend these tools to anyone. Make sure not to leave the boxes in water too long. Some of the parts on them will corrode. The only down side that I can find is that the volume of mud that the pump puts out is a little low. Requires an extra pump or two.