Advance Semi-Automatic Even Flow Banjo (ADVA-4620)

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SKU: ADVA-4620
  • Curved Belly Design:

    • Eliminates skipping and dry spots on tape
    • No wasted mud left in banjo, runs till the end
    • Ideal for use with FibaFuse® or paper tape
    • Patent: No. US 10,308,468 BI

    Corner Wheel:

    • Embeds FibaFuse® and paper tape into corner without splitting
    • Treads on roller pull and guide tape without tearing
    • No tools or attachments needed, a quick flip runs flats and corners
    • The first stainless steel banjo designed for FibaFuse®
    • Patent: No. US 10,458,129 B1
    • Patent: No. US 10,557,274 B2

    Additional Features:

    • Tension controlled Speed Wheel with locking wing nut to adjust flow without backspin
    • Holds up to 500′ roll
    • 60 oz. load capability
    • Thumb screw adjusts mud thickness

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