Advance Cyclone Power Mixer and Pail Scoop Combo (ADVA-CYC-38406)

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The Advance Cyclone Power Mixer is the latest in Drywall Mud and Texture Mixing Technology. Truly thoughtout to save you extra time on the job. S.S. Pail Scoop No Pail Gouging High-tech, durable, plastic mixing paddle eliminates bucket/pail gouging due to plastic on plastic mixing. No Lumps Easy flow design allows for smooth and proper mixing of materials. Paddle Conforms to Pail Paddle acts as a squeegee to pull material off the sides of bucket while mixing material in an upward motion. Fast Mixing and Clean Up Mixes material faster and more thoroughly than any other mixer on the market. Compound cleans off high-tech plastic easier and faster than traditional mixers. Pivoting Blade and Fixed Blade Models available. An HSI Innovation.